Reducing Energy Use

imageHow are you getting on with reducing your energy use? Have any patterns of behaviour become second nature? Here is a reminder of the ideas shared last October.

  • 1. Do you switch off all electrical items when you leave a room?
  • 2. Are you leaving the water running when you brush your teeth?
  • 3. Have a shower for no more than 4 minutes?
  • 4. Have you turned down your room thermostat by one degree?
  • 5. Do you leave your phone on charge all night?
  • 6. Have you considered walking some or all of the way to Fairfield?
  • 7. Are your washing machine and dishwasher full before you switch them on?
  • 8. Do you calculate how much water you need in the kettle before you boil it?
  • 9. Is your boiler thermostat set to the same number as last year?
  • 10. Could you brave a cold - or colder - shower?

I still struggle with two of those but am pleased that there were more ideas at the Climate Change service 18 days ago. I will commit to reducing my energy use by not using the oven/microwave/gas rings on two days a week. Are you willing to share your commitment? You can check up on me if you like. For now, I will still use the kettle for hot drinks (ref 8 above).

Have you got some ideas to share; what has worked for you? We might find a new practice more achievable if we work together; either encourage on a regular basis or even agree to do the same thing.

We are not alone; thousands of others are joining us; millions more depend on us.

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