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imageHave you spent much time thinking about where the products you buy come from? Or who is involved in the journey from their creation to their arrival in your home? 

I believe the small decisions we make on a daily basis can have a huge impact on many other people, communities and ultimately our world. Without knowing it, we are all too often buying from companies who pay their workers poverty wages, neglect the health and safety of staff and stash their profits in offshore tax havens. Contributing to the battle against climate change and improving the lives of local communities is often far from the top of their agenda. But we don’t have to support these companies.

Although the cost of living may mean budgets are tight and decisions are harder, even deciding which tea, coffee or bananas to buy can make a difference to communities across the world. For example, choosing to buy Fairtrade items means you are joining together with other consumers, businesses, farmers and communities to address some of the largest problems our planet is facing, including climate change, women’s rights, child labour and poverty. Fairtrade changes the way trade works and results in: 

·       Fair pay for products (i.e. the cost of production is covered).

·       Better rights for workers (who are often otherwise exploited).

·       Farmers and workers, including women, have the chance to have their voices heard.

·       Training and resources for farmers and communities to adapt to the changing climate and invest in sustainable farming techniques. 

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Another useful resource is the ethical consumer. An independent, not-for-profit, co-operative set up to provide tools and resources to aid those who want to shop more ethically. 

The Ethical Consumer group suggest 10 simple things you can do that can have a big impact: 

·       Less is more (do you really need it?)

·       Buy the most ethical (get informed…)

·       Get creative before you recycle 

·       Shop pre-loved (clothes swaps, charity shops, online second-hand shops e.g. ‘world of books’) 

·       Help re-invigorate your local community (choose local independent retailers)

·       Shop for democracy with co-operatives

·       Look for trusted labels (Organic, Fairtrade, Vegan etc)

·       Boycott the bad guys (e.g. Amazon). More information about current and past boycotts can be found on the ethical consumer website. 

·       Get active and challenge corporate power

·       Take back control of your money (where is your money being invested?)

Visit their website for more information

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