Nightingales in November

I wanted to hear the nightingale sing 

On a cold night in November

So I sat down and asked God

“Why doesn’t the nightingale sing?”

And then I remembered.


I wanted to hear the nightingale sing

On a crispy morning in December

So I looked up and asked God

“Why can’t I hear its song?”

And then, I remembered. 


January came and went

And with it, its cold ember

I was getting upset and so I begged God

“Please make it sing!”

“I really want to remember”


As February came along

With its warm and lovely song

I sat up and exclaimed

“Surely this is the day!” 

The nightingale will come, 

and once again I’ll hear its song.


But the nightingale didn’t come

So I laid on my bed and cried

“Why God, oh why is this happening to me?” 

Please make it right.


So God came, and took me in His arms

And told me quietly

“Dear child, don’t you know that this creation

Is mine, and mine alone? 

Why do you cry, for something that cannot be?

I will give you back the nightingale

Only trust me”


And so I remembered, 

How could I forget? 

There are nightingales in November

They’re just not here yet

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