Somebody Do Something!

When a crisis is under way, and you are witnessing it but powerless to help, this is the cry that will often be uttered. For example, if you see someone in difficulty in the sea near the shore, but know you are not a strong enough swimmer to be able to help, it can be very frustrating. You are then likely to look around for someone to intervene and perform a rescue, probably shouting the above words!

So what has that got to do with Creation Care?

This summer, the news has been full of crises in the form of unprecedented wildfires and floods around the world, not to mention widespread droughts. You will all remember the images of the fires in the Greek islands, and on the mainland, too. Also the shocking scenes in Hawaii, and the vast destruction in Canada. By contrast, the no less damaging floods in Mexico, California, China, and now Greece have shocked us all. And world temperatures have reached levels never seen since records began!

So why doesn’t somebody DO SOMETHING? Why isn’t our government doing more? Why isn’t China playing its part? What’s India doing? – Oh yes, too busy sending a space ship to the moon at the moment!

Hang on, though. What am I doing? Am I really helpless? If I’m not prepared to do ANYTHING, why should anybody else? It’s not good enough to say whatever I do won’t make any difference. If the 60+ million people in the UK all do one thing, it won’t half make a difference. So go on – DO SOMETHING! Or, perhaps, - STOP doing something!

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